BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green
BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green
BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green
BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green
BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green
BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green

BuddySwim LLS Silicone Cap, Green

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The silicone Buddyswim cap is designed for swimmers of all levels who want a quality and comfortable cap.
The striking color of the Buddyswim swim cap improves the swimmer's visibility, especially in open water.


High Quality Silicone Swimming Cap

Buddyswim silicone swim caps are designed for superior fit and comfort thanks to their high elasticity. The main purpose of wearing a swim cap is to keep your hair dry, but to keep it away from your face and act as a filter against chlorine, as well as making it easier to glide through the water. All Buddyswim hats are one size fits all. They are very elastic and resistant to stretching, so they adapt perfectly to people with long hair.


The silicone is strong enough to withstand your tough workouts and soft enough to keep your head comfortable.


Ideal for swimmers of all levels looking for a quality comfortable cap.


We have a wide variety of colors available, from the most sober to the most striking.

Care and maintenance

Silicone caps are very elastic and resistant to stretching, on the other hand they are very sensitive to snags, so we recommend that you take special care with your nails when putting it on. Get to maximize the useful life of your silicone cap, maintaining all its elastic properties, washing it with plenty of fresh water after each use to remove any traces of chlorine or salt water. It is recommended to let it dry in the open air, away from the sun and away from radiators or other sources of heat. By following these simple tips you will be able to enjoy your Buddyswim silicone cap for a long time in your swimming sessions in the pool or in open water.


We are lovers of the aquatic environment, swimming is our passion and the sea our inspiration. Buddyswim was born with the mission of improving the experience of all those people, who like us, enjoy water. Swimming in open water is a vital experience, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it in the most satisfactory and safe way possible, manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. Our team of professionals is constantly developing new products that meet the current needs of open water swimmers. Our maxims are summed up in our slogan LIVE, LOVE, SWIM.