Replacement Strap BuddySwim, Black

Replacement Strap BuddySwim, Black

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Buddyswim Open Water Buoy Replacement Straps are made of strong materials to ensure long-lasting durability. They provide a fast and secure fit to the swimmer. It can be attached to the original buoy straps to lengthen the strap if the swimmer prefers to carry the buoy further from the body. It is manufactured in black so that it combines perfectly with all the colors of the swimming buoys.


Replacement Strap for BuddSwim bouys of 20 & 28 LT

Buddyswim safety buoys for open water swimmers will allow you to safely enjoy your swimming sessions in the sea, lakes and / or swamps. In addition to providing optimal visibility so that you can be seen from nearby boats, it allows your family or friends to visualize your position from the shore. Its great buoyancy will allow you to rest and use it as a float if necessary. In its 100% watertight interior compartment you can keep your personal items completely dry while you swim. Buddyswim Drybag buoys have two independent air chambers so that the buoy does not completely deflate in the event of a puncture or air loss. They are available in two sizes, 20 and 28 liters capacity, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and they include a silicone cap in the same color and design as the buoy, to increase visibility points in the water.


All Drybag models have 2 independent air chambers to prevent the buoy from completely deflating in the event of a puncture or air loss. Remember to inflate the 2 chambers before going to the water.


It allows you to store personal items inside such as a towel, mobile phone or car keys in the 20 & 28-liter model, and even spare shoes and clothes in the 20-liter capacity.


The Nylon finish of all Drybag buoy models provides greater resistance to scratches, avoiding possible punctures and improving the ability to withstand the passage of time.


Store in an indoor area away from ultra violet rays and preferably ventilated. It is important to rinse with plenty of fresh water after each session and let it dry completely in the shade before storing the buoy.


Benefits and Advantages of Buddyswim Safety Buoys for Swimmers

Buddyswim swimming buoys are an effective tool to safely enjoy your sessions in open water, which will allow you, if necessary, to be able to use them as a float to rest. Thanks to the striking colors of the buoys, you increase your visibility in the water, both from nearby boats and from the shore. The 20 and 28 liter Drybag models are ideal if you are looking for a high buoyancy capacity and / or if you want to keep your belongings dry and safe inside. With the same capacity as the 28-liter Drybag buoy, you have the Smartphone buoy so you can share your photos during your open water sessions, thanks to the watertight compartment for the phone with the ability to use the touch screen. For long distance lovers, the best option is the Hydrastation buoy with a compartment easily accessible from the outside in the water, ideal for storing water, gels or energy bars.


We are lovers of the aquatic environment, swimming is our passion and the sea our inspiration. Buddyswim was born with the mission of improving the experience of all those people, who like us, enjoy water. Swimming in open water is a vital experience, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it in the most satisfactory and safe way possible, manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. Our team of professionals is constantly developing new products that meet the current needs of open water swimmers. Our maxims are summed up in our slogan LIVE, LOVE, SWIM.


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