Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...
Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super...

Training Rubbers Buddyswim Super Stroke Dryland Cords

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Buddyswim Resistance Rubbers with Interchangeable Paddles and Levers are designed for performing dry swimming exercises. Out-of-water swimmer workouts are an essential supplement to improve stroke endurance and technique. Thanks to the possibility of using paddles or levers, the swimmer can perform an infinity of exercises out of the water such as rotations, pulls, extensions, strength exercises, and many more.


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Super Stroke Dryland Cords

The Super Stroke Resistance Rubbers are not only going to help you improve your technique, endurance strength and propulsive force of the muscles involved in swimming. They will also help you prevent shoulder injuries and perform other complementary exercises. You can take your Buddyswim Super Stroke Dryland Cords with you to the pool, to the gym, on vacation or as a complement to the warm-up before the open water session. Its versatility will allow you to perform ROM exercises (Range of Motion), dynamic mobility, endurance, strength and speed. Likewise, they are very useful for working on proprioception, neuromuscular coordination and balance, as well as for improving postural control. Remember that tension should always allow you to perform the exercise in the full range of motion. Either achieving the repetitions that are pursued or managing to maintain the effort during the time that is oriented according to the objective. Likewise, by approaching or moving the body away from the anchor, it is possible to adapt the stretch and the tension to overcome.


With the use of the paddles, we were able to transfer the propulsive force throughout the hand and finger flexors, achieving optimal muscle activation. By placing the hands simulating the position that is usually used in real swimming, it is an ideal job for a significant improvement in the water.


The padded anti-slip levers are ideal for working with explosive force and maximum force with greater control of movement. They are also recommended for performing shoulder injury prevention exercises as well as an infinity of complementary muscle toning exercises


You can take the Super Stroke Dryland Cords resistance rubbers with you to the pool, to the gym, on a business trip or on vacation with the practical mesh bag that is included in the pack. It facilitates the maintenance and care of the tires thanks to the great ventilation of the mesh bag.


Store in an indoor area away from ultra violet rays and preferably ventilated. In case of contact with chlorinated water or salt water, it is important to rinse with plenty of fresh water and let it dry completely in the shade before storing the tires.

Included in the pack:

  • 2 Elastic Rubber 1.24 meters
  • 2 Non-slip handle
  • 2 Interchangeable Blades
  • 1 Mesh Bag

Warning: Resistance bands are not a toy and should be used with children under the supervision of an experienced adult or coach. The elastic should not be stretched more than three times the original length, so as not to exceed the resistance limit of the rubbers. Keep the elastic away from your face and never snap it off when under tension. Do not use if the elastic is cracked.

Benefits and Advantages of Buddyswim Super Stroke Resistance Rubbers

Resistance bands are an effective tool for routine strength training and as a complement to water sessions. Thanks to the interchangeable paddles and levers, you can perform a multitude of exercises to improve strength, endurance, swimming technique and injury prevention. They offer a great alternative to free weights and traditional training machines. They provide an excellent option to take to the gym, at home or on the go. Super Stroke resistance bands can help you achieve a large number of exercises simply by changing your body position. They take up very little space, are easy to transport and can be used by anyone from beginners to advanced swimmers. To work the technique and the resistance force it is recommended to use the shovels, for the explosive force and maximum force it is better to use the handle to exert more force with control.


We are lovers of the aquatic environment, swimming is our passion and the sea our inspiration. BUDDYSWIM was born with the mission of improving the experience of all those people, who like us, enjoy water. Swimming in open water is a vital experience, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it in the most satisfactory and safe way possible, manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. Our team of professionals is constantly developing new products that meet the current needs of open water swimmers. LIVE, LOVE, SWIM.


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